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Sunday Skating Series cancelled for Sunday, March 31th. RSVP for April 7th asap. .

Sunday Night Skating Series is cancelled for this Sunday night, March 31st . If you would like to improve your skating technique, join us for our $30 Sunday Night, April 7th drop in. Let us know now, or by Wednesday at the latest. Please note that Sundays are not part of the Tuesday/Thursday make up sessions for our weekday NTL.

FYI - our usual Wednesday evening spring session will not be running this April, but will be returning for 2020.

Join us on this Sunday!


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NTL Athletes Spread the Spirit

NeverTooLate hockey has sponsored a family this Christmas through Neighborhood Network . The family consists of four young boys under the age of ten and a busy mom. With the help of Tuesday ladies this morning we collected enough to purchase gifts for one child according to the provided list. Gifts will include Winter Outdoor wear and Lego which was prominent on the boys’ wish list.

Now we need your help to raise $400 more to give the other four family members a wonderful Christmas! Together, we can make a big difference and show love for this family less fortunate than us.

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This Thursday wear your fav jersey to show the Broncos we are with them wherever you are.

Let’s send out a big NTL group hug to the Humboldt Broncos community to let them know we are with them in this very sad time.

Wear your jersey's on Thursday where ever you are and put your sticks out by door in the glow of the porch light. Share a picture of both on our facebook page Nevertoolate hockey like Coach Heather did to send them our group hug.

Let's keep the show of your support going. 




#PutYourStickOut #WearYourJerseyThursday

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Two Things and I won't keep you.....

March Break
Enjoy the traditional March Break madness whether you are going away, or you are just happy to be driving with no traffic (that's me). Please note that there is No Hockey for Tuesday or Thursday morning women's programming next week,  so we will see you on March 20th and 22nd.  Sunday night's you are on for more learning and training! 

New Spring Evening
We are offering a Wed/Tues evening session starting Wed. May 9th and running till June 27.  Eight of the sessions are on Wed nights 9pm, while  two in the beginning of June are on Tues nights .Information will be going up on the website next week so stay tuned and catch the worm with our early bird pricing. 

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Holiday Scheduling

Thank you to Kathy and Caroline for organizing pub night on Friday.   It was enjoyable to talk  to each without cages and buzzers, and have a nice cold one out of a glass instead of a leaky valve. 

The festive season is upon us so we would like to remind you to engage in a  little self care during Christmas and holiday prep. How about plan to get your beauty sleep of 7-8 hours, eat lots of healthy foods, and importantly, make it out to your weekly hockey development session.  If you are unable to make your time slot, and you qualify to play in the womens program, then talk to me to arrange a makeup class. Each and every session brings you closer to your health goals, not to mention closer to a superstar, so don't miss!  See below for your ice schedule from today to the end of your fall session so you can clear your calendars.

Tuesdays ACC Lincoln
Dec 5, 12, 19, Jan 2, 9, 16 and 23rd.  

Thursdays ACC LIncoln
Dec 7, 14, 21, Jan 4, 11, 18 and 25th

Sundays SARC, Pfaff (except Jan 7th)
Dec 10, 17, Jan 7, 21, 28, Feb 4 and 11th. 
(Note Jan 7 is at ACC Lincoln Arena) 


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Ice Schedule for the Holidays

December is crazy busy with Year-ends, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and home decorating which means stress, food on the go, and crankiness.  Do yourself a favour and do one thing....DON'T SKIP YOUR HOCKEY SESSION!!

You don't need your health professional to remind you of the benefits of exercise, "me-time" and healthy routines when you are under the crunch.  Drop a social event, miss a tv show, or miss a facebook post if need be, but don't drop your health!!!! 

Besides, if you don't make your hockey session, how will you have some new hockey moments to share?  How much fun is it to drop in a few of your own hockey stories - not the kids... at the office party or at the in-laws during the holidays?  It's fun.  Admit it. 

I was chatting with one of my running friends who is now one of my cool hockey friends, thanks to Sunday nights, and she made a joke about propping her hockey stick up in the passenger seat on the drive through town,  proud to be a Canadian!!  Loved it.  And it would be funny to see a post of a photo of your stick propped up in your car on our facebook page NeverTooLate Hockey Development. Who will be the first?

Our Sunday Night session ends December 18th and our new session starts in January

Tuesday and Thursday morning ladies NO ICE DECEMBER 27TH AND 29TH due to tournaments.  Regular schedule resumes first week January.  

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Early Bird Special ends Tomorrow

Register today at  Rates go up after August 31st.. 

Practice Makes Pretty!  Join us for our womens morning or our Sunday night co-ed hockey development programs.  Your time is now.  Come learn, practice and make mistakes with us!  

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Hockey Development is on this morning...Thursday, March 24th

Mother Nature is feisty this morning so leave early and drive very carefully.  See you 9:30am sharp on the ice ready to tear it up in Mother Nature form!!  

Happy Easter to you and your families.  Be safe.  Rise up to the strength, wisdom and courage that you already have.  Allow Easter to be a time of renewal and rebirth of your inner wonders.  

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Reminder No Ice March Break.. but we still have some training to do

We aren't getting together to develop our hockey skills and build our muscle on the ice during March Break but it doesn't mean your hockey training stops.  For your Break from hockey school your homework is to spring into a new routine starting next week to becoming even a better athlete.

Eat healthier. You have made a lot of changes to your eating over the past few years and have shared healthy recipes and ideas together in the change room but can you up it one more notch?  One idea is to remove one beige carbohydrate from your dinner menu and add an additional colourful vegetable in its place.  For example can you replace the potato or rice with sauted spinach, spaghetti squash,  or swiss chard or roasted beets?

How about dropping the fruit juice and having the fruit instead i.e. have lemon water instead of orange juice and have the orange for a snack between meals.  If you made two fairly easy changes such as suggested above you will be moving towards better health.

A useful tip to  healthy meal planning  is to ask yourself this question whenever you have the oven on to cook your main dish; " what else can I cook and refrigerate or freeze for another meal?"  So for example, cook two roast chickens instead of one and throw in extra beets wrapped in foil.  The extra chicken can be sliced and frozen for another time,  or used in sandwiche,  stir frys, or soups.  And the beets?  They are so good sliced on greens with goat's cheese for your next day lunch salad,  or just to grab a slice when you have a sweet craving around 3pm!

For you smoothie drinkers can you up the amount of (click title to read more)

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Even the Grinch is joining us for our Holiday Game. Are You?

Join us on Thursday, December 31st for our New Year's Eve game 9:30 am for all Tuesday/Thursday  ladies and alumni ACC #2   

Tuesday morning ladies, remember no regular ice on the 29th so make sure to come out on Thursday.

Get your New Year started and join in on the fitness and!


Registration is now open for Winter/Spring Sessions for
Tuesday & Thursday mornings and Wednesday Evening Co-ed.  Click to read more

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New - Register before Sept 1st to keep your usual NTL rate

   Registration is now open for NTL women's morning program.  Register at the usual rate  before the price goes up September 1st for last minute registrations.  Once you have filled out the online form and emailed your registration fee you can then get back to soaking up the last few weeks of summer!  Don't fall off your float..just make a note to register tonight to check this off your list.  You will never be sorry for investing in your health and happiness, however paying extra for no good reason may make you a little cranky and further more...

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Last Chance to Buff up your Hockey Skills Before Summer Hits

New Mini session starting next week on Thursday mornings 9:30 am  at the Aurora Community Centre (ACC #2).  Last chance before September to practice that move you were aiming for this season.  Its never too late to put that in the bag!  

Buff up for Summer - Mini Development Session     June 11, 18, 25th $60  ACC#2 9:30 am
Contact us at to find out how. 

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