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We want to thank you

Heather and I would like to thank you for being  part of NeverTooLate Hockey Development.  You make it all worth it. You make playing hockey fun for all those out there on the ice with you! We love your supportive side; your competitive just-get-the-damn-puck side; your feistyness; your vulnerable side; your moments of greatness and your moments of "man, why did I just do that?" We are your teammates and we are so happy you share and enrich this great game with us.  At NTL it's about coming together for fun, fitness and getting better! And our NTL'rs are THE BEST!

We wish you a new year filled with opportunities to be happy and the awareness to grab the happy when it comes your way. So NTL'rs receive the PASS when it comes, and make your play. If its the wrong one, no worries, a new one is coming.

Thank you for choosing us,
Heather & Karen

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Posted on December 31, 2015 and filed under Ask the Coach.