Three good reasons to register, like now!

You have until Thursday to register for our 2016 hockey development session before the rates go up.  New session starts next week.  Don't let us face off with out you! Sign up online today under Programs. 

Hockey is one of the best high intensity workouts geared to bring you up more than a notch in your physical fitness.  And let's face it, it is the most fun high intensity workout there is !  Check out our facebook page at nevertoolate hockey for the exact benefits of a high intensity workout.

And lastly, you won't get better unless you practice.  We practice new skills and this will make you better - hard to believe you could be better, I know.  But we NTL'rs like to be our best and aren't afraid to make mistakes to get there.    

........please note arena change for Thursday, Feb 4th - moved to AFLC (Aurora Family Leisure Complex.  Put it in your alerts now so that you don't forget come Feb 4th!

Email us if you have any questions or any feedback to make us better!


Posted on January 18, 2016 .