Ice Schedule for the Holidays

Stress Bust with Us!

Stress Bust with Us!

December is crazy busy with Year-ends, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and home decorating which means stress, food on the go, and crankiness.  Do yourself a favour and do one thing....DON'T SKIP YOUR HOCKEY SESSION!!

You don't need your health professional to remind you of the benefits of exercise, "me-time" and healthy routines when you are under the crunch.  Drop a social event, miss a tv show, or miss a facebook post if need be, but don't drop your health!!!! 

Besides, if you don't make your hockey session, how will you have some new hockey moments to share?  How much fun is it to drop in a few of your own hockey stories - not the kids... at the office party or at the in-laws during the holidays?  It's fun.  Admit it. 

I was chatting with one of my running friends who is now one of my cool hockey friends, thanks to Sunday nights, and she made a joke about propping her hockey stick up in the passenger seat on the drive through town,  proud to be a Canadian!!  Loved it.  And it would be funny to see a post of a photo of your stick propped up in your car on our facebook page NeverTooLate Hockey Development. Who will be the first?

Our Sunday Night session ends December 18th and our new session starts in January

Tuesday and Thursday morning ladies NO ICE DECEMBER 27TH AND 29TH due to tournaments.  Regular schedule resumes first week January.  

New session Registration is up on our website with the online registration coming shortly.  Don't forget to put a reminder in your calendar to register with the earlybird rate. 




Posted on December 11, 2016 and filed under What's Up.