Reminder No Ice March Break.. but we still have some training to do


We aren't getting together to develop our hockey skills and build our muscle on the ice during March Break but it doesn't mean your hockey training stops.  For your Break from hockey school your homework is to spring into a new routine starting next week to becoming even a better athlete.

Eat healthier. You have made a lot of changes to your eating over the past few years and have shared healthy recipes and ideas together in the change room but can you up it one more notch?  One idea is to remove one beige carbohydrate from your dinner menu and add an additional colourful vegetable in its place.  For example can you replace the potato or rice with sauted spinach, spaghetti squash,  or swiss chard or roasted beets?

How about dropping the fruit juice and having the fruit instead i.e. have lemon water instead of orange juice and have the orange for a snack between meals.  If you make two fairly easy changes such as suggested above you will be moving towards better health.

A useful tip to  healthy meal planning  is to ask yourself this question whenever you have the oven on to cook your main dish; " what else can I cook and refrigerate or freeze for another meal?"  So for example, cook two roast chickens instead of one and throw in extra beets wrapped in foil.  The extra chicken can be sliced and frozen for another time,  or used in sandwiches, stir frys, or soups.  And the beets?  They are so good sliced on greens with goat's cheese for your next day lunch salad,  or just to grab a slice when you have a sweet craving around 3pm!

For you smoothie drinkers can you up the amount of greens and seeds you are putting into your smoothie while reducing the fruit.  Don't get me wrong, fruit is good but we tend to have too little greens in comparison to our sweet fruit.  Try this and up your smoothie game.

And last but not least, combine  your healthy eating improvements  with an added walk every day now that spring is in the air.  It will do your heart and soul some good.

Stay healthy athletes.          No Ice March 15 and 18th.

Photo by Lecic/iStock / Getty Images

Posted on March 9, 2016 and filed under What's Up.