No Home to go to at Night

Leah from Thursday morning hockey says.......My 15 year old daughter, Heather, has chosen to participate in this experience by 360kids ( You may know of 360kids as it is one of the non-profit organizations that benefit from Hockey Helps the Homeless.

The organization offers programs and supports to both families and their children, and to homeless and at-risk youth in York Region. Last year 360kids presented the first 360°Experience to some of York Region's most senior leaders (e.g. Markham's Chief of Police etc.) for a scenario-based experience to survive an evening with limited resources, just as a young homeless youth would be challenged with. This year 360 has introduced the Young Leaders version of this event which will allow these youth to step into the shoes of their peers, classmates, and friends, who are facing homelessness. 

She will be experiencing this event on March 26. Heather has a fund raising goal of $500.00 and this is where I need your help. She is trying to reach out to organizations, family and friends asking for donations so that she is able to reach this goal. 

Heather will be presenting to her civics class the impact this has had on her, how we can help this cause and ultimately educate her classmates on the homeless situation in York Region and that these youth are just like everyone else.

Thank you for your help.  Sincerely, Leah 

Photo by Isakovich Alina/Hemera / Getty Images

Photo by Isakovich Alina/Hemera / Getty Images

Dear Family and Friends,

I am one of the brave participants who has chosen to experience a night as a homeless youth would, as a part of 360°kids' second annual 360°Experience - Young Leaders Edition on March 26, 2015!

This event is intended to put York Regioners, like myself, quite literally in the shoes of 1 of the 300 homeless youth living here. Too often, people are unaware and blind to the reality that youth homelessness exists in York Region. The 360°Experience will hopefully break this, making youth homelessness visible and help raise money to support 360°kids and their cause.

My goal is to raise $1,000.00 CAD but I can’t do it without your help!Please join me in raising funds for 360°kids by sponsoring my 360°Experience - any amount helps! Just click on the link below and it will take you to my personal page where you can donate.  Thank you in advance for your generosity - 
Heather Witherspoon 

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