New - Register before Sept 1st to keep your usual NTL rate

Registration is now open for NTL women's morning program.  Register at the usual rate  before the price goes up September 1st for last minute registrations.  Once you have filled out the online form and emailed your registration fee you can then get back to soaking up the last few weeks of summer!  Don't fall off your float..just make a note to register today to check this off your list.  You will never be sorry for investing in your health and happiness, however paying extra for no good reason may make you a little cranky. 

If you are registering for Tuesday and Thursday mornings @ 9:30am starting in Septemberplease click on  Programs tab for program details and to access the online registration form before emailing the registration fee.  All registrations made after September 1st will be charged the higher rate with no exceptions just to be fair.   

Contact Karen at with any questions you may have or to decide if this hockey program is suitable for you, or even just to say hi.

Cheers, Karen & Heather 


Posted on August 17, 2015 and filed under What's Up.