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Would you like AED Training on behalf of NTL

Photo by Paul Velgos/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Paul Velgos/iStock / Getty Images

The Town of Aurora recently received an new AED unit through a grant from the Federal Government of Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. They also received funding to train 10 people at NO CHARGE with this unit.  s.  As there are only 10 spaces, this opportunity will fill quickly.  This is your chance to make a difference in someone’s life by getting trained in CPR and AED use.  This will only take 2 hours of your time that could possible give someone a second chance at life.”

If you are interested in learning more please contact me ASAP


NEW !!!   Thursday Evening Co-ed  

8 sessions between May 14 - July 02 at 8pm.  Please pass the word on to any friends, family, or hockey parents that don't  fit with our day program.   PASS ON THE MAGIC!

No Arena Change

There will be no arena change as previously indicated during this session.  For details check under the Programs tab at Ice Schedule on our website.

Is this yours?


Someone left this beautiful scarf behind at the pub at our last party.  If it is yours let me know otherwise rescuer Nancy will add this sexy beast to her repertoire!  






New Tuesday player Dara Bailey responded to my Pass It Forward request and offers this:

Dara: Essentially I see myself as a stay at home mom.....who also is contributing in a small way to the family income. I am a Silpada jewelry rep, so for those who LOVE silver jewelry, I do home parties, which are totally easy, fun and almost always include wine.....a great way to spend time with your girlfriends.

 AND, before I got into jewelry, I was a cake decorator, giving away more than I could possibly earn. So I started doing cake decorating birthday parties for kids ages 6+. So for me i proudly wear  two hats;  jewelry and cake decorating  which help bring in a little extra cash which ultimately is paying for my youngest daughters primary Montessori.  If you are in the party mood I would be happy to help!

Photo by Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business / Getty Images

Photo by Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business / Getty Images


Posted on February 19, 2015 .