Tuesday Game 6pm at the SARC - Bring out your fans Ladies

Photo by sArhange1/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by sArhange1/iStock / Getty Images

Let's hear some noise from your fans.  Bring out the family for our  game Tuesday evening. Hear the roar when you get called for roughing , offside or looking too good. 
Pack your light and dark Jerseys and wear off that holiday excess, or was it just me? At any rate I am wearing my warmies, armed with my stocking treats, to watch you move like Mick Jagger, shoot like Wickenheiser  , and wow us like McDavid.  

 Stronach Aurora Recreation (SARC east)  Tue 30 Dec 2014     6:00 pm 

Have a Goalie that would like to play with us? Let us know.

Come Play with us because you can


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