Annual Thai Lunch Date Friday, January 31st

The date has changed  for our Annual NTL Tai Lunch due to a scheduling conflict.  We have moved it back to January 31, 12:30pm   Hopefully this gives you time to make new arrangements if need be so that you can be there. Best Homemade Thai ever.

Please RSVP with Heather at your session $15 or email Karen so we can plan with fresh ingredients.  Can't wait!

Make up sessions: ( and we aren't talking lipstick) should be made before the end of the session.  Please drop us an email and you are good to go.  Get your hockey on!

Next  week is BRING A FRIEND TO HOCKEY week.  Contact Karen or talk to Coach Heather regarding  what session might be appropriate.

Can you say Spring Roll?


Posted on January 13, 2014 and filed under Important Events.