Join us at the bakery after our game......we have a good group out tomorrow for our Holiday game 9:30am at the ACC#2.  After burning it off on the ice join us at D'Aversa Bakery on Wellington Ave just past industrial for a warm treat.

Annual Thai Lunch - Date Change

SAVE THE DATE Friday, January 31st for our annual members Thai  lunch 12 noon at Coach H's.  $15 Once you RSVP we will send you the address.  Dont' miss out on the best homemade Thai in the GTA or seeing your hockey buds in lipgloss! 

Tuesday Evening Registration...Last call

Know of anyone wanting evening hockey development?  We have some spots open for Tuesday Nights 9:45pm Co-Ed  starting January 07 till April 1st.  Great time for the 9 - 5 ers.!  See more details on our website

News to Share with NTL members?  

Use our PASS IT FORWARD blast to share news, requests, stories, or business services.  We are a busy group with a lot going on so let's share!  Send us your blurb via email and we will pass it up.










 Tues. Dec 31st9:30 am come ready to play an NTL invitational game for all NTL members in town for the holidays at ACC#2.  Please bring a light and dark jersey, waterbottle  and RSVP if possible.  Bring your Fans


One other impt thing ****……if you did not receive our web blast explaining this holiday ice schedule several days ago then you are not registered as a member on our website where the info blasts originate from. What the Puck?  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP ON OUR WEBSITE or you will miss more impt info and that would be sad.  If you have any questions please email me.

Website and Facebook:   Check in at our website and connect to our facebook page there to share your holiday pics.

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