Adorable cat(s) need home

Pass It Forward...  A friend of mine who’s moving to British Columbia needs to find new homes for her two delightful cats, either separately or together depending on individual preference. They are one male and one female, both two years old and in perfect health, already neutered and fully vaccinated. They’re also both very sweet and affectionate with great personalities, and are short-haired so don’t tend to shed much.

I have pictures and will put up on our NeverTooLate Hockey facebook page   or email if you are interested. Sylvester is an adorable orange guy with some white on his paws, and loves to play with catnip toys. Willa is the multi-coloured darling girl with even more white on her, and enjoys reclining on window sills gazing out.

If you know of anyone who might possibly be interested in either of them, please forward this along liberally and without hesitation, and let me know if there are any questions. They have lived both together and separately in the past and are perfectly fine with either arrangement, and more than anything just want to find good permanent homes. I’ve personally known them for over a year and they’re really fantastic cats, so thanks to anyone who can help by either spreading the word or considering adopting one of them for your own…


Cathy S
Tuesday morning Hockey Sister


Posted on October 21, 2013 and filed under Pass It Forward.